(Santalum album)


Different species of sandalwood are found around the world. Prized for its fragrance which it can retain for decades after cutting, the oil in sandalwood has been used for centuries in cosmetics, eastern medicine and religious ceremonies. JORD uses various species of sandalwood, each chosen for their unique and varying color tones. Red, black/brown, and green sandalwood can all be seen in our line.


Dark: East Africa (Mozambique)
Green: Argentina
Red: East Africa (Mozambique)


Grain is straight, but occasionally curly or wavy, producing a fiddleback figure. The texture is very fine and even, with indistinct pores and rays./p>


Santalum album is listed as a vulnerable species by the IUCN.

1680 Hardness (lbf)
35 Tree Height (ft)
8,5 Shrinkage (%)
58 Average (lbs/ft'3)

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